April M. Reign

April M. Reign

I am first and foremost a fiction author, just like you! I’ve written and published over 70 novels in my name, April M. Reign, and other Pseudonyms. I love writing and designing and understanding how both play an integral part in the book business world, is what gives me the ability to understand what you need as an author.

Why Wow Your Book Covers!?

You and I share something special in common. We're both writers and we both want as many people as possible to see and read our books. From there, our goals may be different, but that's the common denominator that brings us together. I'm an author of over 70 novels. I know the industry and how book covers play an important part in bringing readers to your work. You have two steps to capture a potential reader:

  • First and foremost, the cover has to grab the readers' attention (If it does, they will click to learn more).
  • Second, you will need a captivating "About the Book."

Those two steps will determine if the reader will buy or keep browsing. The merits are not in how well you write initially. It's just how this business works. 

Your Book. Your Masterpiece.

Your design should reflect your story, creatively. 

That's why I'm here. I want to take the heart of your story and through photo manipulation, capture the essence of your work through YOUR COVER. 

In many cases, you may browse the list of predesigned covers and find EXACTLY what you're looking for. And in other cases, you may not. That's why I offer Custom Covers as well. 

Don't let all your hard work fall short with the design. Take hold of the visual aspect of your cover and let's find or create an amazing visual presentation that will SET YOUR BOOK APART!